Welcome to Your New Favorite Skincare Resource!

Welcome to Your New Favorite Skincare Resource!

Healthy skin is even in color, smooth to the touch and glowing from within.

Regular facial treatments should be part of every health skin care routine. Facial treatments are a lot more preventative than they are curative. Think of visiting your aesthetician like a trip to the dentist. Make the analogy that going to the dentist to clean your teeth is like your facial, whereas brushing your teeth at home is your home care maintenance. So just like you see the dentist for check-ups and plaque buildup removal, you should schedule time with your aesthetician to keep your skin healthy and toxin-free.

Just as you can train your muscles, you can train your skin. That’s right, making time for a facial every 4 weeks or so can whip your complexion into shape. When you receive facials regularly, it’s like training your skin. Skin cells like routines, and they will respond well to that.

When making a facial schedule, you need to consider your skin type. While most professionals suggest getting a treatment every 4 weeks (the approximate life cycle of a skin cell), you can go more or less often based on your skin’s behavior. Someone with oily skin can go every three weeks, and if you have dryer skin, you can go every five weeks. I’m here to help guide you through this process and put together an effective skin care regimen that will keep your skin healthy and gorgeous!

A good facial treatment should include cleansing, exfoliation, correction, extractions, hydration, and protection. The benefit of a good treatment is good skin! Call or text me now to set up a consultation 775-240-2957

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